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Rule #48

Rule #48 (for the spouse):  It is unrealistic to give your kid a giant basket full of candy at 6am on Easter morning and expect him not to want any of it until “snack time.”


Thanks to Carrie for authoring this rule and Corey for creating the need for it.


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Rule #43

Rule #43:  On  Easter, you may not scream and cry because Mommy & Daddy won’t let you throw the hard-boiled eggs.  And while we’re making Easter rules, please don’t put any more M&Ms up your nose.

"Please let me throw the eggs!"

"But I wanna throw the eggs!"


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Rule #42

Rule #42:  It is not necessary to text your parents when they are out to dinner with friends to ask what to do with the leftover Easter grass.


Thanks, Tracie A.!


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