Rule #101

Rule #101:  When Mommy is cleaning up the mess from you climbing up on the counter and spilling the container of peaches with heavy syrup on the floor, that is not the best time to dump the whole container of dominoes on Mommy’s head.  Not your smartest move, kid.


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6 responses to “Rule #101

  1. Oh no… 😦 That had to be miserable.

  2. I…am…not…laughing. I am not. Noooooooo, no laughing over here in the corner. Nope. Coughing. Yeah. That’s it. ::cough cough::. Coughing. Not laughing.

  3. Ouch. Of course, there is NO best time to dump a whole container of dominoes on Mommy’s head….

  4. Heather

    You actually sound like you were fairly calm. Alot better than I would have been…You should know that I am sitting in the time out chair laughing with the other mom.

    • Meanest Mommy

      No, I wasn’t really calm. I was calm while cleaning up the peaches & syrup, but when the dominoes hit me on the head, I started yelling at him. Now that it’s over, I can laugh about it. But only a little bit. 😉

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