Rule #122

Rule #122:  Things you should not do at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine:

  • Stick your feet out of the train to rub them against the coal walls

  • Kick the boy next to you

  • Kiss the stranger sitting behind you

  • Scream, “Can we go home now!?!” while the tour guide is talking


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4 responses to “Rule #122

  1. Tanya S.

    It’s vacation! You really are the meanest mommy.

    • Meanest Mommy

      Even the Meanest Mommy needs a break from the kids (call it a vacation from the vacation)… I’m at an internet cafe while they are having nap in the cabin. 🙂

  2. A friend just referred me to your blog. I LOVE IT! These are typical things that all of us as mothers say to our kids, and therefore we are mean because we don’t let them do anything right?

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