Rule #183

Rule #183: No screaming, “MOMMY, GET ME A DRINK!!! MOMMY, GET ME A DRINK!!!” when Mommy is in the basement doing laundry and Daddy is standing two feet away from you.


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7 responses to “Rule #183

  1. “But I wanted YOU to do it!”

  2. Heidicrafts

    I’ve heard that one.

  3. Heidi

    But it tastes better when mommy gets the water…Daddy doesn’t do it right!

  4. Melissa

    OMG! That is soooo my life and I cannot tell you how much I utter this one!

  5. Mean Mom in GC

    or come into the bathroom while mommy is showering to ask her to make you lunch while daddy is sitting on the couch watching Disney Channel with you.

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