Rule #248

Rule #248:  Changing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom is not a magic trick that only Mommy knows how to do.  Believe it or not, this skill can be learned by most humans over the age of four.


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7 responses to “Rule #248

  1. MaryAnn

    Here, here!! 😀

  2. or other things in the bathroom that need to be replaced ( sope,shampoo,ect)!!!

  3. Zoie

    This goes for everyone in the house, even husbands

  4. kelly herself

    My family says it is too a mommy-only talent.

  5. There is an appearance that all things in a household are mommies-only talents…lol
    Even the cats know that moms have the talent to make food magically appear…:)

  6. Sylvia

    Also flushing…

  7. Brandie

    If I can’t get my 39 year old to do it, how can I expect my 4 year old to do it??

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