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Rule #184

Rule #184:   Walking from the store to the car in the pouring rain does not count as actually taking a bath.

Thanks, Margaret M.!

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Rule #170

Rule #170:  Please do not do cannon balls into the bathtub, especially when your baby brother is already in there.

Thanks to Erin A. who mentioned that she has had to use this rule more than once.


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Rule #60

Rule #60:  There’s no use lying about whether you peed in the tub or not. The yellow bath water kind of gives it away.

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Rule #35

Rule #35: We do not put foam letters in our brother’s bottom.


Thanks, Laura H.!  Laura also mentions that although her children are now 16 & 13 and bathe alone these days, they still remember this rule from a decade ago.


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Rule #22

Rule #22:  No, I will not give you more bath water.  You had plenty until you dumped half of it on the bathroom floor.


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