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Mother’s Day Quiz

In honor of Meanest Mommy’s Mother’s Day, have your child take this quiz and see if they can score higher than my 4 year old.  He brought this home from school today.  Scroll down for Meanest Mommy’s right answers (those of you who know Meanest Mommy in real life will find this especially hilarious)….

Meanest Mommy's Day Quiz

Meanest Mommy's Day Quiz

1.  Correct.

2.  Wrong.  It’s green.

3.  Wrong and VERY wrong.  Mac & cheese is fine, but I prefer pizza or filet mignon or ice cream or cake or french fries, making the idea that I don’t like junk food seem extremely silly.

4.  Wrong.  Meanest Mommy doesn’t like Adventureland and hasn’t been there in almost 20 years.  Meanest Daddy takes the kids there sometimes.  Is the 4 yr old getting us mixed up?  Is he so excited to be at Adventureland that he doesn’t even know what grown-up is there with him?

5.  The.  Best.  Answer.  Ever.  He doesn’t know a thing about Meanest Mommy, but at least he loves her.  🙂

Sean scored 2 for 5.  He did so poorly that Olivia said, “Mom is this supposed to be about YOU?  This doesn’t describe you AT ALL!”  How does your kid score?


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