Rule #83

Rule #83:  Mommy forbids these things next time we are at the library…

  1. Screaming at the top of your lungs.

  2. Trying to escape and hide.

  3. Throwing puppets and puzzle pieces.

  4. Head-butting Mommy’s cheekbone until you make a bruise.

  5. Pulling down the bulletin board.


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3 responses to “Rule #83

  1. tisa

    i still don’t understand why you couldn’t do ican stuff at the library yesterday though…

    • Meanest Mommy

      I guess I could have just set Gavin loose on it since he was bound & determined to tear stuff down anyway. There was a certain point where I was like, get me the heck out of here this very minute!

  2. Jackie A.

    – Or pulling a strangers hair just because she sat down in the chair Grandma was in.

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