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Rule #125

Rule #125:  Sure you can try that, but I hope you don’t die.


JunJulWV 013


Thanks to Katie H. for the guest rule. She is the Meanest River Guide in the Whole Wide World from Class VI River Runners (pictured here with Olivia).  I’ve figured out why no one takes my rules seriously….  worst case scenario is usually a small scratch or broken glasses.  But when Katie gave us the rafting safety rules, EVERYONE listened.


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Rule #124

Rule #124:  No throwing a fit because I didn’t pack your long-sleeve spider shirt for our summer vacation.

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Rule #123

Rule #123:  We don’t put Lego guys’ heads in our mouths.

Thanks, Nicole L. for a great example of stuff you never thought you’d say before you became a parent.  🙂


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Rule #122

Rule #122:  Things you should not do at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine:

  • Stick your feet out of the train to rub them against the coal walls

  • Kick the boy next to you

  • Kiss the stranger sitting behind you

  • Scream, “Can we go home now!?!” while the tour guide is talking


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