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Rule #302

Rule #302:  On Mommy’s birthday, you are required to take a nap.  A long nap is even better.

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Rule #240

Rule #240:  When you are playing with your brother’s brand new birthday toy and he wants to play with it too, you may not tell him, “Not now.  Maybe later;” even if you say it in a nice voice.

Happy Birthday to Gavin!  I hope that your siblings let you play with your gifts.  🙂

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Rule #108

Rule #108:  No, you may not have a doughnut for your sister’s birthday since your sister is in Massachusetts.  (In other words, the Birthday Girl must be in the same state as you to enable birthday treat provision.)

Thanks, Shannon M.! 

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Rule #50

Rule #50:  All Mommy wants for her birthday is…

  • Long afternoon naps for the children

  • All the loud toys to run out of batteries

  • Lunch with my friends somewhere other than the McDonald’s Playplace

  • No whining

Is that too much to ask?

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