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Rule #467

Rule #467:  When you are potty training, and daddy is trying to teach you how to aim, it is not appropriate to scream, “NO TOUCH MY PENIS!” at the top of your lungs. Especially when you are in a busy McDonalds restroom.

Thanks, Vallere S.

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Rule #311

Rule #311:  Please do not lick the melted ice cream that is on the floor of the Playplace tubes at McDonald’s.  And if you do, at least keep it out of your hair.

Thanks, Jessica BB!

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Rule #165

Rule #165: It is really not polite to run over to a stranger’s table at McDonald’s and drink their beverage.

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Rule #50

Rule #50:  All Mommy wants for her birthday is…

  • Long afternoon naps for the children

  • All the loud toys to run out of batteries

  • Lunch with my friends somewhere other than the McDonald’s Playplace

  • No whining

Is that too much to ask?

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Rule #34

Rule #34:  Mommy does not like it when you get loose from her and run as fast as you can toward the men’s restroom at McDonald’s.  (Thank goodness, you’re not strong enough to open that door!)

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