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Rule #397

Rule #397:

  • During family photos, do look at the camera and smile.

  • During family photos, do not pinch/hit/push your siblings, pee in your pants, fall in the water fountain, growl, refuse to smile, close your eyes, and cry/whine/complain.

Thanks to Betsy R. for the photo!



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Rule #394

Rule #394: Mommy will not apologize for “hurting your feelings” by asking you to carry your own backpack inside.

Thanks, Maggie S.


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Rule #332

Rule #332:  Please do not throw a giant hissy fit when your brother pretends to take your pretend toy. Can’t you just pretend that he gave it back?

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Rule #117

Rule #117:  No screaming & whining when Mommy accidentally sings Tyrone’s lyrics instead of Uniqua’s lyrics. This shouldn’t be that big of a deal.


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Rule #45

Rule #45:  No crying because I did not save that piece of confetti from your birthday party 4 weeks ago.


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