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Rule #522

Rule #522:  Just because you say, “Sorry!” before you do it, does not make it ok to hit your little brother.

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Rule #397

Rule #397:

  • During family photos, do look at the camera and smile.

  • During family photos, do not pinch/hit/push your siblings, pee in your pants, fall in the water fountain, growl, refuse to smile, close your eyes, and cry/whine/complain.

Thanks to Betsy R. for the photo!



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Rule #307

Rule #307:  When you run towards Mommy, who is sitting on the couch, trip, fall, and hit your head on her hand, please do not repeatedly tell Daddy that Mommy HIT you.

Thanks, Natalie W.!

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Rule #277

Rule #277:  It’s not wise to tattle, “Mom, RJ hit me back!!!”

Thanks, Denise MG!

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