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Rule #548

Rule #548:   Do not sit in the spot on the couch where your brother just puked.

 Thanks, Carrie HW.

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Rule #546

Rule #546:  No, you may not have a breakfast of egg nog & pepperoni a mere 12 hours after barfing all over the car.



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Rule #252

Rule #252:  If you’ve been up for half the night barfing, you may not have pepperoni and orange juice for breakfast.


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Rule #237

Rule #237:  Your effort to avoid puking on the clean sheets is admirable. Next time, try also not to puke over the side of the bed onto your sister’s upturned, smiling face.

Thanks, Sarah R.!

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Rule #208

Rule #208:  No, you may not save the cardboard diorama that you barfed in.  (But if you beg and cry enough, Mom might take pity on you and take pictures of it so you can recreate it later.)

And no, I’m not posting the pictures.

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Rule #140

Rule #140: You may not push elevator buttons with your tongue. It makes Mommy throw up a little in her mouth.

Thanks, Heather S.!

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