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Rule #355

Rule #355:  When you are in timeout for talking disrespectfully to me at your lemonade stand, that is not the best time to ask about that dog walking business you’d like to start.

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Rule #347

Rule #347:  Even though it’s summertime and you don’t have to go anywhere, please do not beg for a snow cone at 9 am when I have to leave for work. Furthermore, don’t pout and be ugly when I say no. My paycheck is what pays for your snow cones!

Thanks, Maggie C.!

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Rule #331

Rule #331: It is not ok to yell “Zip it, Calculator Boy!” to the neighbor kid, who just happens to like carrying around a calculator and is annoying you at that point in time.

Thanks, Raini T.!

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Rule #206

Rule #206:  Please do not write, “You suck” on your music quiz.  (This is especially not a good idea when your mom is your music teacher.)


Thanks, April N.!


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Rule #201

Rule #201:  Please do not pull up my shirt to give me a kiss on my stomach while I am volunteering in your kindergarten class.

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Rule #183

Rule #183: No screaming, “MOMMY, GET ME A DRINK!!! MOMMY, GET ME A DRINK!!!” when Mommy is in the basement doing laundry and Daddy is standing two feet away from you.


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Rule #139

Rule #139:  Please do not throw ketchup packets and pickles at our new friends.  At least wait until we know them better.

Sorry, MaryAnn & kids.  We’re working on manners, I swear.


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Rule #132

Rule #132:  When Mommy says, “Go to your room.  I SAID…  Go to your room.  Go to your room NOW,” please do not say, “Okay, Ms. Repeat Everything.”

Thanks, Sherry B.! 

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Rule #122

Rule #122:  Things you should not do at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine:

  • Stick your feet out of the train to rub them against the coal walls

  • Kick the boy next to you

  • Kiss the stranger sitting behind you

  • Scream, “Can we go home now!?!” while the tour guide is talking


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Rule #112

Rule #112:  It is not necessary to interrupt me just to tell me that you weren’t talking to me.


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