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Happy Mother’s Day 2010

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Meanest Mommies out there! And thanks to my own mom for raising me into the Meanest Mommy in the whole wide world. I wish you all a day free of whining and complaining and a day where you are appreciated like you should be. Now go hug your kids!

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Rule #295

Rule #295:  Do not expect me to feel sorry for you when there is “nothing to do” in your timeout.  That’s the point, kid!


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Rule #264

Rule #264:  I know how much you like your new iPod, but that is no reason to video record every minute of our lives, including Mommy coming out of the bathroom in a towel.

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Rule #248

Rule #248:  Changing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom is not a magic trick that only Mommy knows how to do.  Believe it or not, this skill can be learned by most humans over the age of four.


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Rule #240

Rule #240:  When you are playing with your brother’s brand new birthday toy and he wants to play with it too, you may not tell him, “Not now.  Maybe later;” even if you say it in a nice voice.

Happy Birthday to Gavin!  I hope that your siblings let you play with your gifts.  🙂

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Rule #208

Rule #208:  No, you may not save the cardboard diorama that you barfed in.  (But if you beg and cry enough, Mom might take pity on you and take pictures of it so you can recreate it later.)

And no, I’m not posting the pictures.

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Rule #189

Rule #189:  We usually leave for school at 8:10am.  8:09am is not the best time to ask for help with your homework that is due today.


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